Why am I running?

Kyle Sweeney Headshot Small

I’m a small business owner by profession and a Boone County resident by choice. I grew up in Cincinnati, but when I moved back to the area after going to college in Connecticut, I quickly figured out that Boone County was the best place in the region to raise my kids.  After my time in New England, finding the right type of community in which to raise my children was of utmost importance. At the same time, I wonder whether Dana and Collin and the other children of Boone County are growing up in an era where the government will increasingly feel free to encroach into their daily lives and finances. I don’t know how to explain to them what happened to the rights they learn about in school, the freedoms that our parents enjoyed, and the limited government they learn about in the constitution. When they ask me what the difference is between the big two parties, all I can really tell them is that they both seem to have lost sight of the limited government and personal freedom on which this country was built.

It was because of their questions and my own increasing dissatisfaction with either party that I found myself getting more interested in the “classical liberalism” that Jefferson and the other founding fathers believed in. And it turned out that the only party that supports limited government, personal liberty, and a system that’s small enough in its scope to survive without ever-escalating taxes and national borrowing was libertarianism and the liberty movement.

And that’s what led me here: my children brought me to libertarianism, which brought me to the Boone County Libertarian party. The best way to bring about change is at the local level.  I’m here as your candidate for Judge Executive because we can make important strides right here in Boone County, and lead the way towards greater freedom, greater opportunities, and greater prosperity for all of us.